Dangers of Being a Garden Gnome

The world is fraught with dangers from natural sources, viral and bacterial sources and man-made sources. If one happens to be a garden gnome the dangers of the world loom even larger their ferocity.

Garden gnomes enjoy spending much of their lives in tune with nature and as such many of the dangers they face are from natural sources. The garden gnome is a diminutive creature and as such fears calamity from simply not being seen. Although gnomes are strong and fast, it is possible for a bird of prey to mistake the garden gnome for a field mouse and swoop down on him or her unawares. This is a special fear for the female garden gnomes as they tend to wear browns and other darker colors.

Also the garden gnome has an enemy in trolls. There aren’t many trolls left in the world due to their disposition but the fear of being captured by a troll is still ever present. Trolls not being very smart never think to purposely kill a gnome but rather they see them as a sort of living plaything that can be set fire to, tossed about, rubbed raw or made to run in hamster wheel for days on end. Gnomes will bellagio eventually manage to get away from a troll if caught, but sometimes not without having damage done to them.

Cats are extremely disliked by the gnomes, not as disliked as trolls, but still...not liked. Cats are considered to be too unpredictable to trust. They were domesticated by humans and lost some of their step with nature plus there is the fact that to a cat gnomes seem awfully similar to small rodents and birds.

It may be interesting to note that gnomes also have to deal with the regular dangers of life, such as possible fires, ill health, and in addition encroachment from humans.

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